Administrative Dissolutions

​​​​​​​​General Information

On a quarterly basis, DFI attempts to contact entities that have not filed an annual report after a few years. First a notice is sent to the registered agent at the registered office address. If the notice is returned, then an attempt is made to send the notice to the principal office address that is on record at DFI. If both of these attempts are unsuccessful, then the entities are added to the "Notice of Administrative Dissolution" publication. This notice is the last attempt to notify the entity that it will be dissolved by DFI if further action is not taken. Entities on this list may become active again by submitting an annual report with DFI. If the entity does not submit the annual report, then it will be administratively dissolved and will then appear on the "Certificate of Administrative Dissolution​" publication. To file the annual report online, please click here​. To request a paper form, please send an email to

What are Administrative Dissolutions?

Typically, entities that fail to file an annual report after several years are subject to being administratively dissolved by DFI. Attempts are made to contact these entities by US Mail. If the mail cannot be delivered, the entity name is published in a Notice of Administrative Dissolution. If DFI does not receive an annual report within a given time period, the entity will be dissolved and it will appear on the Certificate of Administrative Dissolution list.

For complete details, check the following Wisconsin Statutes sec. 178.09032​sec. 179.08​11sec. 180.1421sec. 181.1421​, or sec. 183.0708 

Why is my entity being administratively dissolved?

The entity named on the Notice has not filed an annual report in a number of years. The Notice is intended to give the entity an opportunity to correct that status if it is still in operation. If not still in operation, the entity does not need to do anything and this office will dissolve the entity at no cost to the entity.

What do I do now?

If your entity is on the "Notice of Administrative Dissolution" list and you want the entity to remain in existence, you must file an annual report. Obtain the entity ID, then see the DFI Website for Corpora​tions Annual Reports and to begin filing the report. If you do not want to keep the entity in existence, don't do anything and you will receive a Certificate of Administrative Dissolution 60 days after the Notice publication. There are no late fees or penalties.

If your entity is on the "Certificate of Administrative Dissolutions" and you want the entity to be reinstated, you must contact our office at:​ with your entity name and entity ID and we will email you the forms to reinstate the entity.

I thought I dissolved my company years ago. Why is it on the list?

The only way to dissolve an entity is by filing Articles of Dissolution with the Department of Financial Institutions. If Articles of Dissolution were received and filed by this department, then we would not have grounds to Administratively Dissolve the entity. If you received notice of administrative dissolution, and believe that an attorney or accountant filed the articles of dissolution document, you should contact that attorney/accountant and ask for a copy of the filed document. Filing a final tax document with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or the IRS telling them that you are dissolved does not dissolve the entity at this department.

What if I want to voluntarily dissolve my entity?

You have the option of filing Articles of Dissolution. Please visit our website here​, then choose the correct online or paper form for your entity type to dissolve.