Business Entity File Online

​​​​​​​The Bureau offers multiple online filing options. In most cases, your filing will be accepted upon receipt and you will receive notice immediately. All online filings require a contact email address be provided. This email address will be used for all correspondence regarding that particular filing. Click on a category below or scroll to the desired form in the list:

Available Online Filings​

​​Form Number
​Form Name
Articles of Incorporation - Business Corporation
​​Ch. 180
​2 Close
Articles of Incorporation - Close Corporation
​Ch. 180 sub. 18
Articles of Incorporation - Nonstock Corporation
​Ch. 181
Articles of Organization - Limited Liability Company
​Ch. 183
Registration Statement - Foreign Limited Liability Company
​Ch. 183
Statement of Change of Registered Agent
​Ch. 178, 179, 180, 181, 183
Articles of Dissolution - Corporation
​Ch. 180
Articles of Amendment - Limited Liability Company​​​Ch. 183
​​Articles of Dissolution - Nonstock Corporation​Ch. 181
Statement of Dissolution or Termination - Limited Liability Company
​Ch. 183
Statement of Withdrawal​ of Foreign Registration - Limited Liability Compa​ny
​Ch. 183
​Annual Report - Nonstock or Limited Liability Company
​Ch. 181, 183
​​Annual Report - Service and Service Close Corporations
​Ch. 180 sub. 19
Annual Report - Business or Close Corporations
​Ch. 180 & 180 sub. 18
​Annual Report - Foreign Business Corporation 
​Ch. 180

​​If I cannot file online, do you have paper forms available?

The department publishes forms for almost every type of transaction. They are available on the fo​rms page​​
You may pay the filing fee​ online for a paper form and email the documents to our office.

Fraudulent Filing Notice: It is a Class I felony in Wisconsin for a person to knowingly file a false corporate document if the person intends that document to be filed or delivered to the Department of Financial Institutions. The Department reports fraudulent filings to the Department of Justice or local district attorneys for criminal prosecution. See Wis. Stat. sections 178.0120 (4), 179.0124 (4), 180.0129, 181.0129, 183.0122 (4), and 185.825.

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