Banking & Savings Institution Letters

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Letter 7​​ ​​ Credit Life Insurance
  • Letter 11​  Investment, Capital Notes & Debentures of Other Banks
  • Letter 12​  Purchase of Sale of Securities Subject to Resale or Repurchase Agreement
  • Letters 13 & 21​  Sale and Purchase of Federal Reserve Funds (13) and Sale of Federal or Reserve Funds (21)
  • Letter 14​  Investment in Industrial Development Bonds by State Chartered Banks
  • Letter 16  Out-of-Territory Loans​
  • Letter 17  Investment in Common Stock of Student Loan Marketing Association
  • Letter 18  Use of the Reserve for Dividends Payable in Common Stock in Computing Legal Loaning Limits and Outstanding Loan Commitments
  • Letter 20  Discrimination Based on Sex or Marital Status in the Granting of Credit
  • Letter 22​  Credit Concentrations and Compliance with Statutory Lending Limits
  • Letter 23  Use of Wisconsin Consumer Act Loan Forms
  • Letter 24  Gold Transactions
  • Letter 26 (Amended)  Acceptance of Individual Retirement Accounts and Self-Employed Trusts (HR-10) Trusts
  • Letter 27​  Electronic Funds Transfer System, Night Depositories and Personal Identification Number Security
  • Letter 28  Trust Service Offices
  • Letter 29  Motor Vehicle Leasing
  • Letter 31​  Branch Banking; Loan Production Offices
  • Letter 32  Branch Banking; Federal National Mortgage Association Satellite Loan Program
  • Letter 33  Purchase of Vendor's Interest in Land Contract by State Chartered Banks
  • Letter 34  Requisite Contents of an Individual Retirement Account Advertisement
  • Letter 35​  Advertising and Signage, Designation of Banks and Branches
  • Letter 36  Bank Convenience Centers
  • Letter 37  Securities Brokerage Services
  • Letter 38  Insurance Services of Wisconsin Banks
  • Letter 39  Placement of Night Depositories
  • Letter 40  Nonaccrual of Interest
  • Letter 41  Investment in Stock of Agriculture Credit Corporation, Wis. Stat. s. 221.04(4m)
  • Letter 42  Disclosures to Shareholders in Connection with Acquisitions of Bank Stock by Bank Officers, Directors or a Holding Company Organized ​or Controlled by Such Persons
  • Letter 43  Valuation of Zero Coupon Securities
  • Letter 44  Investment in the Common Stock of the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation; Purchase of Securities Guaranteed by the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
  • Letter 45  Investment in the Common Stock of the Federal Home Loan Bank
  • Letter 46  Advertising and Signage - Designation of Branches
  • Letter 47  Bank Owned Life Insurance
  • Letter 48  Pledging of Bank Assets
  • Letter 4​9​  Lending Limits Applicable to Credit Exposure on Derivative Transactions​​

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