​Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are designed to answer your renewal questions of charitable organizations, professional employer organizations and professional employer groups. Please note that renewals take place annually from June 1- Sept 30.

How can I find the credential number?

The credential number was included on the renewal reminder notice that was emailed. You can also look up your organization's credential on our website at dfi.wi.gov/ice/berg/Registration/OrganizationCredentialSearch.aspx

How can I find the PIN?

You can look up your organization's PIN on our website at dfi.wi.gov/ice/berg/PinLookup/PINLookup.aspx.


Why can’t I renew my registration?

If your credential number and PIN are correct, then you may be unable to access the renewal because it’s not open.

  • The online renewal period is open from June 1st through July 31 with late charge beginning August 1st through September 30th. 

Is the renewal reminder email I received from the Department of Financial Institutions legitimate?

Yes, we email all renewal reminder notices around June 1st of each year. 

Am I required to renew my registration online?


Was my credit card payment accepted? My computer appears to be taking a long time to process the transaction.

It likely has been accepted.  We recommend closing the payment screen when this happens.  There are then three ways to verify that your payment was processed:

  • Wait two business days after you make your payment, look up your organization at dfi.wi.gov/ice/berg/Registration/OrganizationCredentialSearch.aspx and click on the "Payments" tab.  The "Payments" tab identifies all payments our department received during the current renewal cycle.
  • Call our department at 608-267-1711 and ask if it was received.
  • Call your credit card company and ask the payment has been processed.

When do I get my certificate?

You can print your certificate for free on our website.  Simply go to dfi.wi.gov/ice/berg/UserLogin.aspx click on "Print/Download a Certificate” and follow the instructions.  If you would like our department to send you a certificate, please submit a written request for the certificate and a $10 check made payable to the Department of Financial Institutions.  

I paid my renewal fee.  Why is the expiration date on my certificate still showing last year?

It takes 2 business days to process a renewal.  The expiration date on the certificate won't be updated until the renewal has been processed.  If you renewed more than one week ago and the certificate still has a expiration date of last year, please call our department at 608-267-1711.

Is there a difference between an annual financial report and a registration renewal?

Yes, The annual report and the renewal are two different annual requirements.

  • The online renewal registration must be filed before July 31st of each year. The online renewal involves answering a few online questions and paying the renewal fee.     
  • The annual financial report must be submitted to the division within 12 months after the organization's fiscal year-end.  The annual report does not have a fee associated with it and there are three annual report forms to choose from. A description of each form can be found on the division's website at dfi.wi.gov/Pages/BusinessServices/CharitableProfessionalOrganizations/Forms.aspx
    • Note: The annual report form cannot be submitted online.

What do I have to do if my organization chooses not to renew?

Nothing, your registration will expire automatically at the end of the renewal period. Note: you will continue to receive renewal notices through the current renewal period.

How do I update my organization's phone number/email address/mailing address, etc.?

The online renewal provides you with an opportunity to update these items; however, you can also change this information at any time by logging on to your organization's online account through our website.  Simply go to dfi.wi.gov/ice/berg/UserLogin.aspx and click on "Name & Address Change".

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